RiSYS lab focuses on the fundamentals of dynamic systems and control with applications in robotics, and biomedical systems. The lab is currently focusing on robotic applications in the energy sector.

The in-pipe robotic program focuses on the fundamentals of robotic locomotion, sensing and inspection inside pipes. The lab designed the first  robot to inspect coiled tubing and boiler tubing from the inside. In contrast to Hall Effect (point) sensing, the lab is developing a novel general (area) MFL magneto-optical sensing technique  that promises to make pipe robotic defect identification (inverse problem) mathematically tractable and industrially practical. 

The swimming robotic program focuses on developing AUVs for subsea inspection, intervention, and oil & gas exploration. This entails fundamental research in thrusting, sensing, communication, localization and mapping for the objective of developing AUVs suitable for subsea tight space maneuvering and forceful interaction applications. Mantaray is RiSYS’ first AUV prototype that is initially being tailored to oil tank inspection while in-service.

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